We manufacture High Speed Dispersers - all to the very highest quality - ensuring you of superb accuracy, repeatability, reliability and longevity (many of our machines are still in service after more than 20 years of use).
High Speed Dispersers can be used to dispense all sorts of fluids, including primers, sealants, inks, paint, oil, grease, solder paste, polymers, solvents and pharmaceuticals.


• Explosion proof motor.
• Variable speed with V.F.D. inverter.
• Air over oil lift.
• Parts in contact with product are stainless steel 316 or Teflon.
• Steel shaft guard.


• High torque explosion proof motor.
• Shaft guard that opens for easy cleaning.
• Emergency stop.
• High and low lift stop.
• Tank lock.

Principals of High Speed Dispersion:

• Select proper tank size and design.
• Select blade size and design.
• Position blade as close as possible to center tank and position at proper height.
• Select proper speed and start. Be careful not to over speed and create cavitations or your grinding time will suffer.