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High Speed Dispersers
The standard design includes features such as Explosion Proof Inverter Duty Motors, heavy duty v-belt drives and bearings, safety switches for both height limitation and mix can position, adjustable can lock system for use with different size mix vessels, air/oil hydraulic lift system including hand controls, Stainless Steel wetted parts and Stainless Steel shaft guard. read more...

Double Shaft Dispersers
Through high-speed rotating of dispersing disc, Double-Shaft Disperser is aimed at smashing, dispersing, emulsifying and mixing material of different viscosity, which can lead to fast dissolving and great fineness. When equipped with scrapers, the low speed blade also aids in heat transfer to an external jacket. read more...

High Speed Vacuum Lab Mixers
The Ragogna mixer is versatile and can provide the mixing capabilities of low-shear mixers, high-speed mixers, high-viscosity mixers, sanitary mixers and variable speed mixers.

Ink Mixers
Designed to mix a viscous product with the incorporation of a minimum amount of air. Mixing is normally accomplished with the agitator moving slowly up and down within the product. Mixing can also be accomplished with agitator in fully lowered position, or at any intermediate height. read more...

Lab Mixers
Laboratory Mixers come in a wide range of models and are a scale down of production machines to warranty that what is made in the laboratory can be duplicated on the production floor. Machines come with electric motor and hydraulic lift OR air motor and air lift OR air motor and manual lift. Speeds are low 100 R.P.M. to high 10,000 R.P.M.

Electric Mixer
Ragogna Lab Mixers are suitable for the widest range of applications - mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, dissolving - with efficiency and flexibility unmatched by other machines. With a capacity from 1ml up to 12 liters.

Automatic Wedge Wire Self-Cleaning Filters
This filter is design to replace filter bags. It never requires a filter change. It is equipped with a wedge wire screen available in most of the common micro sizes and is kept clean by wiper and a reciprocating air cylinder. Options: Air operated valve to dump the dirt.

Four Head Filling Machine
Ragogna filling machines are either volumetric or by weight, completely air operated is suitbale for all kinds of chemical fluids like paints & coatings, cleaning products etc. All of our vacuum filling machines are based on heavy-duty stainless steel frames with all contact parts made of food grade materials. read more...